Wrapped Perfection

By: Manero

You still love Christmas, even if you refuse to admit it. In a different way than when you were a kid, of course. But Christmas can be so much fun: the office parties, the rituals, the family gatherings (yes, we actually just wrote that full sentence, bro).

The main catch is the gifts: that never-ending parade of trying to find those objects that may put a smile on a very specific person right now. You don’t have that much time to look for them, and through the years you’ve learned something: if you try too hard, you’ll probably fail (a rule that also applies elsewhere, of course).

That’s why here at Manero we’ve curated Christmas gift guides for specific types of men (hint, hint: they can serve as wish lists, too) and that special woman. And that’s precisely where we’re starting it all off: with a gift guide for the girlfriends.

Make her smile with one (or all) of these five gifts—from earrings that even the style-challenged can buy safely to the gift combo everybody’s talking about this season: the game-changing Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Galaxy Gear.

And once you’ve taken care of the girlfriend (first things first), it’s time to find something for that not-yet-extinct species, the dandy. Yes, we’ve figured out how to take good care of that stylish chap during this cold season, from a beautiful cardigan and boots to a handsome flask, so he’s warm both on the outside and the inside.

Next on our list? That gentleman everybody talks about but nobody seems to know: the hipster. Give him some nice-looking shades; help him brew his own beer and cook his own organic pizza. Want more? We’ve thought of your lovely boss and the book-loving intellectuals in your life, too. We guarantee a happy and sophisticated Christmas for all if you just follow our advice.

Enjoy your shopping. You can thank us next year, no rush.

Us? Done with the shopping, and on to something else: mixing our legendary eggnog.