Southern Guitars

If some 5 years ago, the wave of Chilean pop led by Javiera Mena, Gepe and Alex Anwandter was all the rage, the hype surrounding that so-called scene has quieted a little. Not that any of those artists has stopped making quality music. 

On the contrary, they are alive and well, as proven by Anwandter's recently released album Amiga, or Mena's impressive debut on her country's biggest stage, Festival de Viña.

But the Southern country's indie scene has many other surprises, as evidenced by the new compilation NMC: Pop de Guitarras en Chile. 

Showcasing 14 bands from the Chilean underground, this document of the "new Chilean music" (NMC) shows a vibrant scene, led by names like Patio Solar, Trementina and Paracaidistas.

Take a listen via Spotify, or download NMC here.