Rolo Nation

By: José Manuel Simián

What do Frida Kahlo, Celia Cruz, Selena and Wonder Woman have in common?

No, it's not only that they're all Latinas (Lynda Carter, the actress behind Wonder Woman is of Spanish and Mexican descent, in case you didn't know).

Well: rolos.

That is, according to the vision of New York artist and designer M. Tony Peralta, who recently released a line of t-shirts with his Warhol-infused pop creations and is set to open an exhibit of rolo-themed prints (Rolos & Icons) in Manhattan's Lower East Side on October 29th.

But let's get back to the rolos.

There is some genius in turning a domestic, usually meant-to-be-hidden object such as hair rollers (that is, unless your mom or abuela didn't mind going covering her head with a net or bandana and going out with them on) into symbols of heritage and attitude. 

There's something disarming and empowering about these four images that goes beyond the beauty of the women depicted in them, or the stark contrast between their few colors imposed over the black and white portrait. 

There is something that few other images have caught about the coolness of being Latino.

So you should consider getting one... or perhaps that Dora con Rolos pin.

LOGISTICS: The Rolos T-Shirt Series by M. Tony Peralta, available here

José Manuel Simián is the Executive Editor of Manero. He used to be a lawyer and is probably listening to Bob Dylan as you read this.