The Rise of Kali Uchis

By: Manero

This one's long overdue. 

We've been raving about the unbelievable Kali Uchis since we saw her live earlier this year.

If you haven't had the chance to catch her show live (and she'll be touring the country again in October), here's what to expect when you correct that mistake: a Colombia-via-Virginia retro indie singer with a weakness for retro soul/funk. 

You may be tempted to associate her with the late Amy Winehouse, but you would fall short. Kali Uchis has developed her own brand of retro soul by playing both an exaggerated innocent girl eternally falling in love beyond control (sample lyrics from "Melting": "When you are around, my insides turn inverted"), and an overtly sexual woman ("If you want it, I got it / Come get it," she sings in "Call Me"). The result of that mix is intoxicating—both musically and visually. 

Here's Kali Uchis' latest video, for her cymbal-driven track "Rush." 

Enjoy in a cool room, preferably.


LOGISTICS:  Download Kali Uchis' Por Vida for free here