Retro Trip

When Ileana Cabra —the longtime female voice of Calle 13— announced in 2015 that she was taking the artistic name iLe and was recording her first solo album, casual fans of the band couldn't imagine how different her new music would be from the one that put them on their radar. 

iLevitable, her recently released debut album, leaves things clear right away. “Quién Eres Tú,” the initial track is a spellbinding bolero, which starts only with a vintage organ and iLe's haunting voice before receiving the full classic Latin orchestra treatment —all  soaring horns and strings— placing us in a timeless setting. 

“Caníbal” takes things to a more personal place —the first song iLe has officially written— an equally vintage-sounding ballad about inner conflicts that cuts deep thanks to iLe's committed singing. 

Other tracks explore folk, boogaloo and some more contemporary pop sounds, making it an extremely satisfying debut.

Make sure you listen to it this summer and catch iLe live on tour.