For the Love of Ralfi

By: José Manuel Simián

Legendary salsa label Fania Records continues its reboot with a release that should turn heads and get people on the dance floor.

The EP Latin Soul Remixed gives 6 tracks of romantic Latin soul star Ralfi Pagan new life thanks to the club-minded remixes compiled by Que Bajo?!'s Geko Jones. (For his own backstory of the project, visit this post on the Dutty Artz blog.)

We had already heard and praised the title track (remixed by Baningclude) and its thrilling video, but the rest of the cuts in Latin Soul Remixed are no fillers, either.

It all begins with the remix that Coolout made for "I never Thought You'd Leave Me," a track that combines a lounge-y vibraphone sample from the original track and a breezy hip-hop beat with so much gusto your hand wants to reach out for a non-existent cocktail.   

Right after that, things heat up with the infectious groove that Swedish duo Cocotaxi added to "Pela'o," and the funky reinvention of "Ain't No Big Thing" by Dirty Delorean, only to peak with "Latin Soul."

But there are still two more tracks rounding up this excellent EP: the dirty, trippy beats K. Sabroso conjured for "Negrona" and another version for "Ain't No Big Thing," this time with a side of spacey house courtesy of Boston's Whiskey Barons

If you've read all this way down, you might as well press play. You won't regret it.


José Manuel Simián is the Executive Editor of Manero. He used to be a lawyer and is probably listening to Bob Dylan as you read this.