The Peralta Style

By: Manero

Dominican-American designer and visual artist  M. Tony Peralta has been selling  his own products for a decade. 

And if you haven't seen them yet, you should. Because Peralta has an impressive eye for mixing Latino culture, Dominican street slang and pop culture references, with an exquisite good taste.

Best news? He has a sale going on right now.

Our favorite items in the sale? Hard to tell, really, but if you push us, we'd point to his  t-shirt rendition of the Willie "El Malo" Colón's mug shot on the cover of legendary album La Gran Fuga ($14); or to his "coño"-meets-Chanel tote bag; or his t-shirt combining the ubiquitous street call "Primo" with the streetwear brand Supreme logo.

So get them while they still last. 

Or until we buy them all.

LOGISTICS: The Peralta Project, now on sale