Origami Shades

By: Manero

This story starts on a snowy hill in France and ends up right in your pocket. That’s, more or less what happens when you meet Sunpocket, the fantastic folding sunglasses that gained popularity among French skiers in the late ’70s and are now being sold in the US.

And yes, we were skeptical at first, too (besides the point of actually needing foldable sunglasses, but we get to that later). We’ve been duped before into buying handsome foldable shades only to discover that we got to pull the trick once before they broke... (We’re looking at you, Urban Outfitters!) So we put a few Sunpocket models to the best possible test we could imagine: we gave them to a 10-month old and let her play with them for an hour. And, voilà: the Sunpockets survived.

The trick may be in their material: they’re made out of lightweight Grilamid plastic, a material both resistant to a wide range of temperatures and capable of being flexible without losing its shape. But there’s more: priced at around $100, these shades won’t break the pockets you put them in, either.

Something else we may have missed in the quest for a great pair of sunglasses?

Oh, yes. When you don’t break them, you normally loose them. That’s where the fold-them-and-put-them-in-your-pocket part kicks in.

LOGISTICS: Sunpocket, available now