A Name of Her Own

It's been a long time coming, but the debut solo album of Calle 13's perennial female voice, Ileana Cabra is almost here.

Except that you need to find it under the name iLe.

Her first single, "Caníbal" came out a few days ago, a ballad adorned with shiny strings that make a fine match with lyrics of a lost love—a love that could well end in a story of cannibalism like the title and the suggestive video that accompanies the track. 

But whatever the real meaning of the song is —if there's one at all, that is— one thing is sure: the voice of iLe shines though it, luscious and beautiful, simultaneously fragile and powerful.

The track is also the product of the Calle 13 family. It was co-produced by iLe and the drummer of the band, Ismael Cancel, and it features arrangements by her brother, Visitante.

It's something you need to hear (and see) for yourself:

The yet-untitled album of ILe is scheduled to be released this summer.