Morrissey Speaks

By: Manero



As you probably know, we're huge Morrissey fans— which only makes us bona-fide Latinos

Morrissey, the living legend and  myth-builder, took some time in the middle of his current U.S. tour to talk to none other than Larry King on his Ora TV (a web platform) show.

As you would expect, Mozz didn't avoid topics, and opened up about his battle with depression and cancer, veganism, president Obama (who he said was "probably white inside"), the music industry, and even his recent accusations of sexual assault against a TSA employee. 

But perhaps the most interesting bit was when the former U.S. resident talked about the 2015 crop of "insane" GOP presidential candidates—including a certain real estate mogul-clown who, "“In the dark (...) would look like everybody else."

Watch the full interview here or just the bit about politics below: