Morrissey Countdown

By: Marcelo Báez

Morrissey’s new record, World Peace Is None of Your Business, will drop on July 15, and he’s promoting some of his new tracks by releasing serious, kinda cryptic, spoken word videos. The latest one features none other than Pamela Anderson, which may seem like a strange person for Morrissey to be in close proximity to, until one remembers she’s also a devoted animal rights activist, just like the Mozzer.

His latest video shows the pair hanging out—though barely looking at each other—on the rooftop of the Capitol Records Building in Los Angeles. Just like with his other videos, Morrissey’s voice is heard speaking the lyrics of his new song (“Earth is the loneliest planet,” in this case) in a very dramatic—surprise!— way.

It’s an interesting PR experiment, to be sure, but if Steven really wants to go viral, his next video should feature a cat on top of his head because, you know, the Internet really loves cats. Or maybe a video where he drags a baby around the floor by tying it to a cape instead of a wedding dress—you know, because he also likes babies.

Hey, Morrissey, we’re just throwing ideas out there. If none of those sound good to you—or if they blew your mind—hit us up. We’ve got more.

LOGISTICS: World Peace Is None of Your Business by Morrissey, available for preorder now

Marcelo Baéz is a writer, DJ, and musician based in NYC. When he's not producing "Rico Suave" parties, he releases music under P3CULIAR.