Mexrrissey Is Back

Louder than bombs, indeed.

After their successful presentations both sides of the pond, Mexican Morrissey tribute supergroup Mexrrissey is ready to launch its first album next March.

It will be appropriately called No Manchester. (If we need to explain the pun, maybe you're in the wrong place, my friend.)

And just so we can start preparing our dancing/crying shoes, this week they released its first single, their version of “The Last of the Famous International Playboys,” called simply "International Playgirl."

The leader of Mexrrissey, Mexican Institute of Sound's Camilo Lara, went to Beats 1 Radio for an interview and the official premiere of the single, which highlights the vocals of the ever wonderful Ceci Bastida.

Listen below:

And if you're interested in Mexrrissey, you should listen to the episode of the Manero Pop Podcast in which we talked about the project: