Melon in a Bottle

By: Manero

Who knew melons could have a royal pedigree?

We’re talking about the Cavaillon melon from the South of France. Its flavor is so unique that kings are said to have traded gold for a taste. And according to legend, writer Alexandre Dumas promised to give all of his writings to the library of Cavaillon in exchange for a lifetime annuity of 12 fruits a year.

Fortunately, you won’t have to go that far to get a taste of what some call the sweetest melon in the world. That’s because vodka experts Grey Goose just infused their fine spirit with the legendary fruit. It’s called Grey Goose Le Melon, and it’s now available everywhere.

Its unique flavor—overtones of juicy melon on the palate, a finish of almond and wheat—is no accident. It has to do with the fact that, unlike most vodkas, Grey Goose is distilled and bottled in France, using the finest ingredients. The process begins with soft winter wheat from Picardie, a region famous for its coveted grains used in world-renowned pastries.

This summer, try upping your cocktail game by preparing cocktails like the Melon Mule (Le Melon, ginger beer and lime wedges) or the appropriately named Melon Royal. In both cases, you’ll be bringing centuries of French tradition into your party.

The kind of party royal legends are made of.

LOGISTICS: Grey Goose Le Melon, now available

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