Maná Drops the Bass

By: José Manuel Simián

When the announcement came out, many thought it was a joke. 

But those of us who have devoted some time to analyze the enigma of Maná's  anti-coolness and what could be behind a four-star review for their latest album knew that the Mexican quartet's quest for mediocrity knows no limits.

We're talking, of course, about the remix EDM star Steve Aoki made of their song " La Prisión." 

You know, that perfect piece of pop music in which Fher continues to pull off the lyrical feat of making new songs out of the same four ideas (in this case, the idea that a man in love is at the mercy of the object of his desire: in a prison) and two metaphors (the connection between sex with a lady and water makes its necessary appearance here in the form of "drowning in her lips"). So how can you make all of that even worse? Just add some crappy beats and  let the bass drop.

Enjoy at your own risk. Mad Max costumes and prison bars makeup sold separately. 

José Manuel Simián is the Executive Editor of Manero. He used to be a lawyer and is probably listening to Bob Dylan as you read this.