Live It Up

By: Manero

Oh, yeah, you know a few things about scotch all right.

1. It’s whisky.
2. It hails from Scotland.
3. It’s delicious.

And... okay, so you know exactly three things about scotch.

But someone wants to change that.

Get acquainted with The Glenlivet, that home-bar-sprucing, empty-glass-filling, luxurious single malt from your pals in Moray.

Now, your first order of business: sign up to become a Guardian of The Glenlivet. Seriously, sign up. You can do that here. Because that’ll grant you members-only access to private tasting events around town. Like the upcoming Nights of Passage, an educational foray into all things scotch. And that seems like a quality way to spend your free time.

That’s also how you’ll ensure you’re doing things like tasting the 15-Year and 18-Year whiskies side-by-side, interacting with the brand’s Masters of Scotch (there’s a job to envy) and generally learning all about The Glenlivet culture.

It’s either that or living vicariously through your direction-following friends’ Instagram feeds.

And nobody wants that.

LOGISTICS: The Glenlivet, sign up to become a Guardian of The Glenlivet here