Italy via Texas

By: Manero

We’ve been giving our attention to footwear recently, and then a pair of nice shoes showed up in our mailbox that really caught our eye.

The mysterious sender was the M. Andrews Sartorial Luxury Collection, a brand based in Texas. And why have they impressed us, you may ask? Because they’re handmade in Italy and Turkey from Italian leather and suede, and colored by hand—and it shows in the final product. They’re exquisitely finished and comfortable to wear from the moment you put them on (which we did right away, putting them to the test like only New Yorkers can). And they look both elegant and hip, which is exactly what you want when you wear real shoes. Don’t believe us? Take a look at their take on a classic dress shoe, the suede loafer or (our favorite) the derby shoe, which they call the Shipman and are only made to order.

And we know what you’re thinking: yes, these are more expensive than the best-known affordable shoes for men. But there are shoes you buy for a job interview or a friend’s wedding, and then there are shoes you buy to last you for a lifetime. These are of the latter kind.

Next thing you know, Texans may be claiming everything is not only bigger but more stylish in their neck of the woods, too.

LOGISTICS: M. Andrews Sartorial Luxury Collection, available now