Hinds, the Debut

If you've been paying any attention to the indie buzz during the last months, chances are you probably heard about Madrid-based garage rock quartet Hinds, a band that everybody found irresistible and toured the U.S. before they had completed their first album.

Chances are that your were skeptic about said hype, especially if you hadn't seen them live. 

But now you can be the judge, because Hinds have finally released Leave Me, an irresistible collection of 12 songs that cover simple 4x4 bubblegum rock, garage, surf and jangle pop with so much youthful abandon that you may end up feeling dirty for having been so skeptical of the buzz in the first place.

Even the band can't be surprised for the unlikely path of their career. 

Just look at the video they posted on YouTube a few days ago: god, finally an album.

Listen to Leave Me Alone below: