Guilty as Charged

A superstar mariachi is unhappy with his life and success.

He likes women with white hair.

He likes to have sex and has a lot of it.

But he'd rather be an astronaut in space looking down on Earth -- an Earth in which mariachi sombreros don't exist.

And he'd also like for people to forget the fact that he's the only superstar mariachi who can't ride a horse.

Which is kind of where he's at when a Spanish avant-garde film director convinces him to act on his film and set himself free of stereotypes...

We are talking about "Mariachi," the superb first story in The Guilty, an award-winning short story collection penned by Mexican author Juan Villoro that was recently published in English.

Trust us: it's one of the best short story collections money can buy right now.

But don't take our word for it. Go get it.

And eat tomatoes.

Why? You'll find out in the book.

LOGISTICS: The Guilty by Juan Villoro, available here