Güero Style

By: Manero

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Warby Parker glasses here at Manero. And no, it’s not because The New Yorker recently called it “the eyeglass-maker of choice for hipsters.” (We can see right through your cool snark, New Yorker.) We like them because they’re beautiful, affordable and you can try them at home.

We also happen to like (most of) Beck’s music. And it’s not because of that boring story our editor keeps telling about that time he saw the man in Paris in 2003. (Actually, don’t bring that story up with him unless you have at least 45 minutes.) And it’s not only because Beck is one of the only gringos who can make silly songs with Latino references without getting a #NoMames from us, either. He just happens to be great at what he does.

Now Warby Parker and Beck have joined forces to launch a two-toned limited-edition black cherry version of their Carmichael glasses, designed by the güero himself. And we like them, too, with their low-key cool, part old Hollywood, part modern California.

And hey, they did something else, too: the eyeglass-makers produced a recorded version of Song Reader, the “album” that Beck released in sheet-music form last year.

A shade company releasing music albums by a former indie artist? Nobody said the XXI century wouldn’t be confusing, son. But that’s what shades are good for: to hide your puzzled expression and keep going. Or help you keep your cool when you have to explain why you buy things designed by someone who believes in Scientology.

LOGISTICS: Carmichael Black Cherry Glasses by Warby Parker, available now