Geko Does Fania

By: José Manuel Simián


The reboot of seminal Latin label Fania is hitting its stride.

This week saw the release of the first video from the Geko Jones-led project of remixes of Ralfi Pagan's 1969 album Latin Soul—an irresistible club-minded version of Pagan's boogaloo track of the same title.

The track itself is pure joy. The original song is left mostly untouched for the first 40 seconds, until one of the signature clapping breaks of boogaloo turns into a crescendo, while a brief sample of Pagan's voice gets broken and repeated over and over to create an infectious hip-hop beat that ends up overlapping with itself and with the original track. 

The result? Pure dance floor magic.

The video is another achievement altogether: a dream-like sequence that follows a couple of guys downstairs, to the freezer of a bodega and into an incredible nightclub where vogueing, salsa steps, domino playing and a mysterious fluorescent drink go hand-in-hand.

Enjoy it below, while you wait for the whole album to come out.



José Manuel Simián is the Executive Editor of Manero. He used to be a lawyer and is probably listening to Bob Dylan as you read this.