Fortune in a Bottle

By: Manero

Once upon a time, you discovered beer.

And then, a few years later, you got a sip of whiskey.

Now, both drinks regularly mark the beginning and the end of some very special nights. But what if you could turn any night into that kind of night?

Enter Miller Fortune, a new beer designed to do precisely that. A spirited golden lager so bold yet balanced that it should be sipped in a rocks glass in order to fully appreciate its rich, malty flavor. The kind of glass you hold in your hand while planning your next steps for the night. A bit like what happens with you when you’re out on the town—when you feel like you’re up for anything before the sun comes up.

So where can I find this wonderful brew, you might ask. But once again, the geniuses at Miller have already thought of that by means of the Find Your Fortune app, a compass that will bring bold new movements into your night by indicating the shortest route to a cold bottle of Miller Fortune. And soon, UrbanDaddy’s award-winning app, The Next Move, will have its very own Map of Fortune—showing you the best places to keep the action going.

So let’s get serious for a second here. We can tell your fortune right now. It has a black bottle with an ace of spades on it.

Miller Fortune, available now