Fania All-Stars All Over

If you've read Manero you know we're big fans of all things Fania.

And you also probably know we're equally big fans of Mr. Tony Peralta and his amazing Peralta Project line of Latino pop culture designs. 

Well, isn't it wonderful when two things you love finally come together?

Tony recently released his Fania All-Stars All Over Tee, a bold design based on a classic photo of the salsa super band taken in Venezuela in 1980.

Celia? She's there. So are Rubén Blades, right behind, and Johnny Pacheco and Cheo Feliciano and many more.  They're all smiles and so will be you if you wear it—guaranteed.

Not convinced? Maybe you need a little refresher on the history and influence of Fania, and once agin, Peralta's got you covered with a matching Fania 101 mix curated by Christian Martir from Sociedad Records. Enjoy these grooves and get your music history lesson at the same time. 

Not that you needed it, of course...