El Guincho Is Back

Spanish electropop  wonderboy El Guincho, a.k.a. Pablo Díaz-Reixa, is finally ready to follow his acclaimed 2010 album Pop Negro.

Hiperasia will see the light on Februar 12th, and if its first single is any indication, we're in for a treat. 

"Comix" gives us a hip hop beat floating on a bed of synthesizers, which allow El Guincho to deliver a stream of lyrics that flow up and down the song's groove.

But the real kicker comes in when the guest, one Mala Rodríguez, joins the party with her signature flamenco-flavored verses, creating a sexy interaction with El Guincho. 

" 'Comix' started with a beat I sent María [Mala Rodriguez] in 2015," El Guincho told The FADER. "It was on a folder with a few other sketches I recorded for her. I stumbled on it that summer and really digged it. I improvised my bars using a sort of obsolete rhyme structure, trying to fit the lyrics into a rigid scheme, rhyming with the letter 'i' can feel a little uncomfortable in Spanish, but keeping it fresh and a bit cocky too. I sent it to María and she recorded a great melody, very versatile, that allowed me to modify the harmony and make the song catchier while keeping the structure weird—something that felt like a radio freestyle, which is the way I conceived the song the first time."

The tune's video, directed by Canada, is also an explosion of colors and weird images that leaves us wanting  for more. 

See for yourself below.

comes out February 12th.