Dance Until Kickoff

By: Manero

In a perfect world, the official song of the World Cup would have been a masterpiece that could stand up to the musical legacy of the host country.

In the real world, we got “We Are One (Ole Ola),” a forgettable track by Pitbull, which is basically summarized in its title. There is an “ole ola” stadium chant here and there (written by somebody who has apparently never been to a real soccer match), while Pitbull proceeds to spit verses with the word “one” in it. That’s pretty much it, unless you want to mention that J. Lo appears somewhere. Brazil? Mostly represented in the brief cameo by axé singer Claudia Leitte—12 seconds that should have actually take over the whole song.

But the real world has many good things to offer. Like Our Kind of Bossa, the latest album of electro-bossa pioneers BossaCucaNova. Its 11 samba-meets-electronica tracks will put a smile on everybody’s faces and will get everybody (women first, men closely after) to start shaking their shoulders and then their hips at your World Cup–watching parties.

Yes, you may say that this is not the most inventive or wildest music Brazil has to offer (both categories in which any sensible person should be afraid to suggest winners), and you’d be right. You may even say that BossaCucaNova is not doing something very different from what they did in their 1999 breakthrough album Revisited Classics, that those record scratches sound dated. Sure. But if you press play on a track like “Adeus America” and the vocals by guests such as Os Cariocas don’t put some sun into your day—well, we’re afraid you should probably call your doctor.

LOGISTICS: Our Kind of Bossa by BossaCucaNova, available now, stream and buy it here