The Cult of Babasónicos

It might have become a cliche to say this for some of us, but we'll know publications like Pitchfork mean business when they start paying attention to Babasónicos. Because only the barrier of language (or the cultural laziness of not listening to music sung in Spanish) can explain that indie outlets like that one bend over for bands that don't have half of the taste or musical skills of Dargelós and Co.

Their latest output, the single and video "Vampi" (first release of an upcoming and still untitled album) are proof enough. Over a lazy, mid-tempo glam tune, singer Adrián Dargelós unrolls one of his signature sleazy-yet-romantic lyrics with freshness that makes him sound timeless and his energy incombustible. 

The song starts to climax around the 2:30 mark, when the rest of the band joins into a heavenly harmony that builds and builds without ever blowing over--the mark of Babasónicos's vision of romance: and endless tease that stretches to the limits of your dirty imagination.

Try to play it just once.