Cool or Caliente?

By: Manero

So what do you have in mind for Cinco de Mayo?

Here’s what we’re thinking: something rum-flavored. Something smooth. Something that will make it one unforgettable, day-to-night celebration.

Yes, we’re thinking of Malibu rum—but not just any kind of it. The way we see it, there are two paths to Cinco de Mayo bliss this year, and in order to choose yours, you need to ask yourself one simple yet fundamental question: what kind of reveler are you, cool or caliente?

Because if you’re a cool one, you should probably enjoy the cool smoothness of Malibu Black, that most delectable 70-proof spirit with a hint of coconut but a controlled sweetness. It’s like going to the Caribbean with your own portable A/C.

But if your answer was on the hotter side of things, your only possible option is Malibu Red, which adds a kick of tequila to that coconut-flavored smoothness. Which, you know, feels like packing both the Caribbean and Mexico into one magical bottle.

Both spirits, designed for higher-energy environments like a long Cinco de Mayo party, will make that transition from day to night absolutely seamless.

Or as we like to say: a perfect Cinco de Malibu.

LOGISTICS: Malibu Black and Malibu Red, available now