Calle Macondo

By: José Manuel Simián

This week, Calle 13 released the video for “Ojos Color Sol,” the romantic song off Multi_Viral that features some very trova touches by none other than Silvio Rodríguez. Many rushed to see it because it’s one of the album’s most beloved songs and because it stars Mexican heartthrob Gael García Bernal. But there’s something else: it’s the first video directed (in collaboration with Kacho López) by Calle 13’s Residente.

And what did the singer, who earlier this year destroyed his Maserati on camera, do this time to illustrate his music?

[Presses play.]

0:01 A well-lit orange tree, camera pans to the right.

0:11 A leaf falls to the ground. Not clear if we’re inside a house (there are frames on the wall) or on the patio of a colonial-style house (rockers, and, duh, orange trees). Or are we in Macondo, where all these things don’t matter, and everything is painted in Mexican-restaurant pastel colors like these walls?

0:21 Gael (cool leather suspenders, man!) does puppy eyes to the camera. Is he scared? Or is he just wondering, like us, if he was magically transported to García Márquez’s literary land? (Someone once told me you need a visa to go there. A gringo visa.)

0:26 Oh, Gael has Residente’s voice. Cool. Oh, he lost it. Nevermind.

0:32 Actress María Valverde opens her eyes right when the song’s lyrics talk about that. Literalism not dead.

0:49 María and Gael kiss without any foreplay. This was meant to be. Man, what a beautiful couple. She’ll probably give birth to their beautiful kids right there on this patio/living room/orchard/whatever.

1:00 As the kiss continues, oranges start falling off María’s pastel-yellow dress. Score: Magical Realism 1 - Realism 0. (Is she the tree or is she laying them like eggs? #espregunta)

1:10 Gael’s pores? A close-up of an actual goose bump, with hairs rising in synchrony? Magical Realism: 1 - Dermatological Porn: 1.

1:40 Get a room, guys.

2:00 Gael seems to be performing a gymnastics number (that would be a killer move on the NYC subway!), but no: he’s actually flying. Macondo: 8 - People Who’ll Watch This Video Instead of Actually Reading One Hundred Years of Solitude: 4.

2:12 Gael’s shoelaces want to fly. For real. Reminds me of that immortal line in Indecent Proposal: “Even a brick wants to be something!”

2:17 Oh. The shoelace wanted to be a butterfly! Kids these days...

2:24 The two shoelace-butterflies get into Gaels’s belly. Get it? Magical Realism: 6 - Arjona: 7.

2:42 Images of Virgin statuettes lurk in the shadows. (Mental note: who is the Latino Madonna? J. Lo? Shakira?)

3:04 Seriously: Get. A. Room. You’re both grown ups. CTRL + W.

LOGISTICS: “Ojos Color Sol” by Calle 13 featuring Silvio Rodríguez, watch it here

José Manuel Simián is the Executive Editor of Manero. He used to be a lawyer and is probably listening to Bob Dylan as you read this.