The Bombonera Tee

La Bombonera, the stadium doesn't tremble when the fans of Boca Juniors scream or chant.

It beats like a heart.

At least that's what the self-built myth of the Boca stadium says. 

And it's also the phrase that the soccer-obsessed guys behind 3nil --arguably, the most stylish footie-related gear around-- put on their It Beats tee-shirt, now available at their online shop.

But that piece of stamped, 100% ringspun lightweight cotton is not the only object you should consider buying from those crazy Aussies. While you're at it, look at their abstract, elegant design for this Zinedine Zidane tee, or the even more beautiful 1930 tee, representing the designs for the two balls used for the final of the first World Cup.

And in case you just want to get something for free (the 3nil gear is high-quality, therefore pricey), check their podcast By Association, with short stories about the Beautiful Game.