All the Right Sounds

By: Manero

One of our favorite bands, Los Crema Paraíso, has released a new video, and we think it's absolutely worth 2:43 of your  short attention span.


Oh, we'll tell you.

Because "Un Disip en Nueva Yol" is one of the defining tracks of Los Crema's second album, De Película, the one in which the trio led by guitarist José Luis "Cheo" Pardo and drummer Neil Ochoa drew inspiration from the movies of their childhood in Venezuela.

"Un Disip en Nueva Yol" takes you for a thrilling spin, a joropo that alternates between the melody driven by an airy, lounge-y guitar, and passages in which in which the Venezuelan genre mutates into the fuzz-driven, past-paced score of a B-film action sequence.

In the video, Pardo and Ochoa play the part of  Foley artists, those amazing professionals capable of simulating any possible sound in a recording studio. Is there a meta quality to the whole idea of the musicians adding special effects to their own musical score? Yes. Is it fun? You bet.

See for yourself:


Listen to De Película here: