All Hail King Agüero

By: Alfonso Duro

Manchester City has started the season in poor form and their manager, Chilean Manuel Pellegrini, has been carrying the burden all along. The bells of a potential sacking have already started to ring, and although most of his players have quickly stepped up to the plate to defend his work, only Sergio Agüero seems to be able to save his coach through his performances on the pitch.

MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. The first thing we’ll need to note is that there should be no reason to be worried about Pellegrini. The Citizens have lost two games in the Premier League, and as such trail Mourinho’s Chelsea. While the team did fall to Newcastle in the Capital One Cup, and has suffered to get their footing in the Champions League, Pellegrini’s men can still clinch the next phase of the continental tournament if they manage to upset Roma at the Olimpico next week. Keeping in mind the team was banned from spending over 50 million euros this season by FIFA, and that their Champions League squad was cut short to 21 players, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that after not making it past the round of 16 last year, they would suffer this season to get through the first round—even more so as they landed in the group of death.

AGÜERO TO THE RESCUE. But there’s one superstar in Manchester who doesn’t understand bad spells, bans or any other negativity (other than injuries, sadly). At 26, the Argentine genius has been on and off the injury list practically his entire career, but when he is fit, he is on. This is exactly what he demonstrated against Bayern Munich in their match in the Champions League, while also reminding the world Agüero had not gone anywhere.

With Manchester City performing in a rather industrial fashion as of late, there is an undeniable need for the best of Kun Agüero to come out, now more than ever. But Pellegrini knows all of his goals will mean nothing without silverware.

THE YEAR OF KUN. After his troublesome summer due to the injury that made him miss half of the World Cup, the Argentine has managed to score 17 goals in 19 games so far—amounting for 50% of Manchester City’s goals—and prove he is back in top form. The beginning of the year will mark the rebirth of the hopes and dreams of Agüero, who may also save Manuel Pellegrini’s neck on his trek to the top.

It’s been a while since Agüero has been among the best players in Europe, and this year he has seen Yaya Toure become the only candidate from Manchester City to make the final list of 23 candidates for the Ballon d’Or. Kun was not impressed.

This will surely fuel the Argentine to keep up the pace and do even better in 2015 in his quest to reclaim the throne as king of Manchester. The good thing is he knows he won’t have much competition from the United side.

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Alfonso Duro is a Spanish freelance writer. When he's not managing Google's agency in the United Arab Emirates (his current job), chances are he's watching and writing about soccer.