Alex Announces Amiga

So many As in our headline.

We like alliteration. But we like a good track much more. And that's precisely what the so-called Chilean "Prince of Pop" delivers with "SIempre es viernes en mi corazón," off his upcoming album Amiga.

The tune may have the backbone of an anti-homophobic protest song ("Congress thinks I'm sick"), but on the surface is pure dancefloor electro joy. Its title and refrain translate as "it's always Friday in my heart," but it could have perfectly been called "dancing is the best revenge."

"Siempre es..." features vocal contributions from Ale Sergi and Juliana Gattas of Argentine band Miranda! -- voices that blend perfectly into Anwandter's groove, leading the way for the amazing synthesized violins that take charge of the track towards the end.


will be released by Nacional Records on April 8th.