The Manero Pop Podcast

Episode 1: Latino Cool

Luzmila Carpio + ZZK

Tropical Bass Remakes of the Great Bolivian Singer

Los Angeles, Mar 5-11

Hackers, Holi Festival, and Did We Mention Hackers?

Miami, Mar 5-11

Fresh Tacos and Whiskey Sippin’

New York, Mar 5-11

From the Guggenheim to the Buttermilk Channel

Chicago, Mar 5-11

Magical Music, Mujeres Poderosas and Beignets

What Tego Knows After 40

Should the Rapper Pass the Torch or Is He Still on Top of His Game?

Houston, Mar 5-11

Punk, Parties and Pupusas

McFarland, USA

You Can’t Argue With a True Story